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One way low volume on a transferred call

Michael Marzol


Let me set the stage by saying that I am an IT consultant for a large hospitality customer with multiple recently obtained properties and each with their own IT staff. I, as of yet, have no access to the network equipment to perform traces or captures. The high level call flow is attached here as a PDF. A call comes in from the PSTN to a DID which lives on a PRI at Site2. Site2 PBX immediately forwards the call to to Site1 PBX which has a SIP trunk. An agent answers the call which is then transferred back to a DID at Site1 and rings the terminating phone. When the person at the terminating phone answers the call, volume is so low that he can barely hear the original PSTN caller, however the PSTN caller has no issue hearing the terminating party. Direct calls to the terminating DID have no volume issues at all, it's only during this type of transfer. We would normally port the original DID dialed by the PSTN caller to our SIP trunk at Site1 call center which would do away with this hair-pinning that we're doing with the PRI at site2, however we are in the midst of other port orders which prevent us from doing so at this time. Another thing to note is that there are actually 2 inbound PRI's and 2 outbound PRI's at Site2. Any input is highly appreciated!




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Im having the same issue with low volume over pstn when calls are hairpinning. Did you ever figure this one out?

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