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Outbound calling party transformation pattern on SIP Trunk fails


I have a CUCM Cluster running Version with Gateways connected as SIP trunk.

All DNs are configured as full E164-Numbers. The calling party number is usually sent to the gateway without transformation and transformed to the format required by the PSTN on the gateway using translation rules.

This is working fine, but for some extensions, another calling party number should be sent, such as  +4912345678 should be sent as +4912345600.

I'd like to achieve this using calling party transformation patterns, so I configured:

- a partion PT-XFORM-CLG

- a CSS CSS-XFORM-CLG containing only PT-XFORM-CLG

- a calling party transformation pattern \+4912345678 in partition PT-XFORM-CLG with calling party transformation mask +4912345600

If I apply CSS-XFORM-CLG as Calling party transformation CSS to a phone and call this phone from +4912345678, +4912345600 is shown as calling number, so it seems to be working.

But if I apply this CSS als Calling party transformation CSS to the SIP-Trunk pointing to my gateway, it's ignored and +4912345678 is sent.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

Make sure you have unchecked use device pools calling party transformation CSS on the SIP trunk configuration page so that the configured transformation CSS is used.

Just double-checked it- the "use device pools calling party transformation CSS" is unchecked.

Is there a difference in the behaviour of the Calling Party Transformation CSS between phones and trunks or should it work the same way?

The calling party transformation CSS can also be set directly on the SIP trunk rather than the device pool.  They do work the same way as with a phone compared to a trunk.  One thing to be aware of is that when CUCM looks for a matching calling party transformation pattern, it used the calling party number at the time of the route pattern match.  A detailed call manager trace searching for dd="

Hi guys,

Just having some problems with CAlling Party Transform Masks on SIP trunks myself with +E164 numbering. What I have found is it seems to ignore translations for numbers that start with +.

If I change the extension to just numbers is tranforms correctly - as soon as I put the + in (both the extension & the transform mask ) it ignores it.


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