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Outside calls being routed to Receptionist instead of forwarded number

Hoping someone will be able to give me some words of wisdom here as I'm not all that familiar with CUCM(Our phone guy quit on us and they haven't found a replacement for him yet). We're running a rather old version of CUCM, 6.1.5. Anyway, a new VP took over an ext. that was being used, at one point, as the main line for our Houston office, we're trying to forward all calls to his desk phone(Cisco 7941) over to his cell phone. Internal calls are being forwarded to his mobile phone just fine, but all calls from outside sources(IE: cell phones) are still being sent over to our receptionist. I've removed the ext from the MainLine Group and replaced it with the new main number for our Houston Office. The new main line ext. is working as intended and being routed to our receptionist.

I should probably add that we moved out of our office in Houston and plan on moving to a new location in a few months. Until then, all of the lines are being forwarded to the employee's company cell phones except for the main line that is being sent to the receptionist.

If anyone is able to give any pointers that may lead me in the right direction for this it would be greatly appreciated!


This thread can be closed. Turned out the issue was with our Phone provider.

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