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Problem adding Weather service for phone w/o direct internet access

Wayne Ficklin
Level 1
Level 1

Proxy server running squid:  <desktop-ip>:3128  (squid allowing access from wireless network range & telephone network range in squid.conf)

iptables on <desktop-ip>

Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         
ACCEPT     tcp  --  wireless-range/24            tcp dpt:3128
ACCEPT     tcp  --  telephone-range/24            tcp dpt:3128


I've created the service and subscribed my phone to that service (individually).  Since our phones are on a private unNAT'd range, for Proxy Server under "External Data Locations Information (Leave blank to use default)" on the Phone Configuration page of my device, I've added http://<desktop-ip>:3128.


The service I'm using is<zip code>&country=us.  (I call this service, imaginatively, Weather.)


From my laptop configured to use <desktop-ip> as proxy server in Firefox, I can get to that page.  On my phone, when I choose Services -> Weather, there's a long "Requesting..." then "Host Not Found".


Running "tcpdump -i <NIC> host <phone-ip>" gives zero traffic as well.


This seems like a proxy issue, but I'm not sure where to tweak.  Could anyone point me where to look.


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Wayne Ficklin
Level 1
Level 1

I forgot to mention, tcpdump is being run on <desktop-ip> (which is running squid).  Also, ps ax | grep squid as well as netstat -an | grep 3128 indicate the service is running (as does the laptops ability to get to websites via the proxy).

In continuing to troubleshoot, I found it interesting that the results of "netstat -an | grep 3128" led with "tcp6".  My phone only has an ipv4 address.  I corrected the config from "http_port 3128" to "http_port" and the netstat output reflected that change.


Alas, the results are the same.  Its as if the phone isn't reaching out to the proxy server for connectivity.  (tcpdump output indicates no traffic from host <telephone>.)

After resetting the phone (**#**), I noticed some traffic on tcpdump output.  I also noticed that the traffic from the phone was destined for http port of the proxy server.  That didn't seem right.  I went to my phone's device configuration page and removed the "http://" from the URL.  That left me with <IP ADDRESS>:3128.  I saved and applied config and its now working.