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Question about local directory in CAD ,IPCCX 7


do CAD have any feature to seach list of users in the company like attendant console. cause when agent recieve call and need transfer it was hardly to click phone book buttom,

in the attendant console application,they can list local directory from CM database , and also user status before transfer call.

if is it limit function of IPCCX 7 ,do i have any plugin or anyway to customize this thing.

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CCX is not intended as a replacement for AC (although I have proposed this). For now, your best bet is to use the UCM Corporate Directory page within /ccmuser; or, write your own web page for the integrated browser. The former does not show presence though. You could use JTAPI or the CUPS server to get presence if you wrote your own page.

CAD should recognize the number and turn it into a hyperlink if it is properly formatted. I haven't tested the behavior if the agent is already on a call though.

For now, most customers just use MOC or CUPC to view presence and dial the call manually. Mixing the new CUxAC products with CCX for the same person doesn't go well. A person can't really coordinate their actions well enough between the different apps.

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