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Re-booting the Cisco Call Manager

We have a Call Manager (version 9.1.1) with Unity voice mail that is having some problems and needs re-booting.  I've read several documents that outline the re-boot procedure but they vary with each other.  Is there a set pattern on how this should be done?  I have two CUCM servers with about 170 users.



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  hi what is having the

  hi what is having the problem cucm or unity

If cucm and you want to reboot the cluster then start by making sure that phones are having both pub and sub as unified communications servers in their settings (you can check this from phones settings) and able to reach both. If you are using domain names instead of ips make sure that phones can resolve both names and reach them

Next reboot the secondary server depending on your config. Once its online,you are able to navigate through it and can see it listed in your phones as standby, go ahead and reboot the primary unit. A safer approach is to isolate the primary unit (using deny acls for example), make sure that phones failed over then reboot through console. 


Hi Mohammed,

Hi Mohammed,

I think the actual problem is going to be in the CUCM.  We have an extension number that we can't get to route out over our PRIs to our main switch even though the number is nowhere to be found in the CUCM's database.  When you dial it, it goes to the Unity system instead where there is no mailbox for it so you get "Enter your ID followed by #".  When I run a DNA trace on it, everything looks like it should go through correctly.  Thanks for your information.


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Let us know how it goes and

Let us know how it goes and if you need any assistance with troubleshooting your issue.

Best of luck :)

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