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Route List can not contain QSIG and SIP Trunks??


     I am working on a Cisco Unified Communcations Manager 8.6(2a) deployment that is integrated with Nortel CS1000.  Currently we have it integrated using both SIP Trunks and Q.SIG Trunks.  What I am trying to do, is for the majority of calling use the SIP Trunks, but in the event of a SIP Failure use the Q.SIG Trunks(as we are going through a single Aavya Session Manager for Integration with no failover options currently deployed).  To do this I wanted to add the QSIG Route Group to my Route List which already contains my Route Group pointing at the SIP Trunk, however when I do I get an error "Update Failed. An invalid QSIG configuration was detected for this Route List"

Any ideas? why can't I have a Route Group containing a  Q.SIG Gateway and a route group containing a SIP Trunk in the same route list?

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Route List can not contain QSIG and SIP Trunks??


Here is the reasoning behind the qsig issue.

A MGCP-QSIG Gateway is Type 1

A SIP TRunk is Type 3

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Route List can not contain QSIG and SIP Trunks??


This is working as designed and as Alex pointed out (+5 Alex for the reference), its because of the gateway types. I ran into this a while ago while designing a  solution for our customer with DPNSS networks and PSTN. What we ended up doing is using MGCP on DPNSS and also on the PSTN. We could not use H323 or SIP other wise we wouldnt have been able to design a redundant solution as you want to also.

My suggestion then is this to use MGCP with your Nortel integration to CUCM rather than SIP. This way you can have both MGCP controlled trunk and your QSIG trunk in the same route group. Obviosuly there is going to be a cost implication to this. This is because you will  need an ISR gateway with PRI cards to connect  your Nortel to CUCM

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