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SPA-122 Web GUI Access in Bridge Mode

I have a brand-new SPA-122 that appears to be working properly and is running firmware 1.4.1

I access the Web GUI for configuration, make changes and "push" them, the device resets and I return to the GUI.

I have assigned the device a static I.P. - this works fine also.

However, if I set the device to "bridge" mode, after it reboots I have no access through the LAN port and cannot continue to configure the device or make changes. The only way to restore access is to perform a factory reset. Obviously, this doesn't help much in the way of maintaining my settings.

Do I have to turn on remote access and come in through the WAN port?

Maybe I have the whole concept wrong - but I want to put this device behind my VDSL Modem (in my cellar) and then plug the rest of my house's network into the LAN port. My primary router for the house is located on the ground floor. My VDSL and Telephone connections are in the cellar - this just seemed to be the right way to do this.

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