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Philip Straatsma

sporadic phone issues - re-reregistering, garbled voice, garbled ringing, pulling non-voice IP

Some of our phones, but not all are having the following issues. The problem will happen sporadically throughout the day. When not having issues the phones function just fine.

Phone call quality is bad including WAN calls and analog calls.

When the phone rings the sound of the ringer is choppy.

Some phones will show up as registration rejected.

Some phones will un-register and then cycle through (re-register) subscribers other than their primary, before finally ending up at their primary.

Some phones will pull a data network address instead of a voice network address.

Some of the phones that pull a data network address will after about a minute switch over to a voice network address


Other Notes/Troubleshooting done:

This is happening at only one of our many remote sites.

There is a VPN connection between the remote site and the main campus where are call managers are housed.

Response time to the site is fine including multiple devices at the site.

The site is in the same geographic area with minimal hops between the two.

No packet loss to any devices on the network with the exception of the phones and only when the phones decide to act up.

This affects about 75% of the phones while the other 25% are unaffected.

The problematic phones are always the same phones. While the unaffected phones are always unaffected.

This issue seems to happen at random and can go a day and a half without problems, but typically happens twice a day for about an hour and a half at a time.

A phone that is having issues can be on the exact same switch as a phone that is not having issues.

A computer connected through the phone experiences is no packet loss while the phone itself does.

Phones have been rebooted and hard reset and this does not correct the issue.

The site had possible power issues while no one was on site.


Hi Philip,


Please collect the following logs from the call manager using Rtmt tool.


1.  Event viewer application logs

2. Event viewer system logs.


also if you can collect packet captures from the Phone, when this issue happens.


i should be able to tell you the reason for the reset/restart.


PS: please mention the time when the issue happened and also the MAC address of some of the phone.



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