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Hi,I have cucm 9 and cme 9 with srst on remote site.I have configured snr (mobility) and it was working fine.I have configured dial-peer hunt because I get a busy tone when the cucm is available and all phone are registered to the cucm instead of the...

boub91 by Beginner
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Dear All,I have CME and customer needs UC 7937 which already is not orderable, so I added its replacement UC 8831 but I am not sure if it support CME can you please help on this and if it is not supported for the same can you please advise the suitab...

Dear Team,My Subscriber backup got currupt due to virus issue  and i need to restore my down cucm subscriber node as phones running thrugh Publisher node.Please help.           hari       

Hi,I have a Cisco 7912G that a bought to my companny, but i can't configure it on freevoipdeal.So the configurations on freevoipdeal page are: SIP port : 5060 Registrar : sip.freevoipdeal.com Proxy server : sip.freevoipdeal.com Outbound proxy serve...

Hello,I hope this post finds itself in the correct place.  I have a Cisco 1760 Router with CME 4.1 running on it.  We have had some changes and I would like to completely wipe the configuration on it.  I would like to keep the actual firmware ios ope...