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SRST mode : Send calls through POTS

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Recently we had our T1 go down which cares nothing but our voice traffic. We have a router/Gateway setup for SRST mode. It appears that the SRST mode failed over but it seems as though we could not make a call from our POTS line located at the office. What command tells  me that calls are geing directed out of the POTS line? I can paste the config if it is needed.  Thank you in advance

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do you have a PRI on the remote location or do you only have POTS lines ?

if you only have pots lines

I'd say you can configure a trunk group on the fxo where you have pots lines connected to

then create a generic dial peer something like

dial-peer voice 9 pots

destination-pattern 9T

trunkgroup FXO

if you want to be more specific to avoid interdigit time outs you can create 1 dial-peer for local, long distance and emergency services

if you have a local PRI on H.323 you shouldn't have any problems

if you have a local PRI with MGCP just make sure that you have the failover stuff configured so mgcp will release the D channel and then the local gateway will take control of it

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I am assuming that your dial peers are already configured properly. If so you can run a "debug voip dialpeer" and this should show you if there was an outgoing DP match as you make a call. If there is a match, make sure the phone line is connected to the proper port/trunk group then disconect your analog line (if its not PRI) and plug it into a known good analog phone just to make sure the dial tone is there and you can make a call from the line. One other command you can check is "show dialplan number xxxxxxx" where x is the number you would dial out. This will tell you if there even a DP that matches the string.