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Supported UC upgrade paths & system requirements (UCS)

I keep running into a question when dealing with  IPT upgrade projects, and I need to get an absolute answer.  We all know  that only 8.x UC products are “supported” on the UCS virtualized  platforms, but I need to know if it’s “ok” (for lack of a better term)  in Cisco’s eyes to install a lower-rev version just as a transition step  during an upgrade.

I’ll  use a current project I’m working on - existing Unity Connection 7.1(3)  box running on 7835H2 (overlay 2) hardware – this server has 72-GB  HDD’s, which will not support an in-place upgrade to 8.5.  If it’s  impossible to install 7.1(3) on the UCS platform (again, just for a  couple hours), then we can’t use the Disaster Recovery System (DRS) to  backup/restore from old to new using like versions.  We’d have to either  rebuild the environment from scratch on the 8.5 UCS install, or install  bigger HDD (146+) in the existing UCN box, re-install 7.1(3), restore,  upgrade in-place, THEN DRS backup/restore.  Yuk.

Here's what I'd like to be able to do:

- Perform a backup of existing UC app (such as Unity Connection 7.1) using DRS

- Install Unity Connection 7.1 on the UCS platform (which would only be temporary - bridged upgrade)

- Perform a DRS restore to UCS

- Perform an in-place upgrade on UCS to Unity Connection 8.5

I  know that UCS will allow an install of older versions of UC products –  it’s just a matter of Cisco “supporting” it. If Cisco would have no  issue supporting an upgrade where an older version could be used on UCS  for a bridged upgrade, and then immediately upgraded to a supported  (8.x) version, then this would significantly streamline these types of  upgrades in the future.

Thank you!


Re: Supported UC upgrade paths & system requirements (UCS)

You probably will not get the answer here you want.. its not supported to run 7.x on UCS.   Unless you go to your account manager at Cisco and get their blessings is the only way.  It really boils down to how 8.5 loads software and does hardware checks in vmware. (or 7.x for that matter)

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