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Translation Pattern - X wildcard not working.

Reuben Gehman

I am trying to translate any calls from a certain CSS to extension 4900-4999 to a single extension (8114). I tried using 49XX as the

Translation Pattern, 8114 as the Called Party Transform Mask, and the partiton for this is the first in the CSS list. This is not just calls directly to the dialed extention (4950), but if I change the Translation Pattern to 4950 it works just fine (goes to 8114 like desired). The partition 4950 is located in is halfway down the list in the CSS. Is there a particular reason the X wildcard is not working in this instance?

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I havent hear about any bugs like that but I could check if you share your CUCM full version.

Wondering, insted of route the call, can you put the translation pattern to BLOCK the pattern, and use a message like "presence level" this will help you identifieying if at lest the TP its match at all.

(You can use an explicit match just to test too)

Also I know its SUPER obvius, but make SURE your CSS has NO access to any other DN/TP/RP/ or anything than could be just a little more specific than 49XX

Please Kudos/rate if this help!

Please Kudos/rate if this help!

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Everything is working as expected based on your configuration, CUCM uses best match routing.

I can already tell your CSS has access to both, 4950 and 49XX, thus,it's all working fine.

4950 is one match

49XX 100 matches

4950 is the best match.

CSS order only matters when there's 2 or more patterns with the same number of matches. Only THEN, which CSS is on top, will matter.

You need to remove access to the DNs directly and leave only the TP.



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate
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