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Troubleshooting for Cisco 3 line IP Phone SPA 303

I have the Cisco 3 line IP Phone SPA 303,  landline phone service, and COX high speed internet. The phone has no dial tone, my line one has no service and I need help. Everything is hard wired by modem, PC and router. Not sure if connected correctly and/or configured. Current IP address is all zeros and dots, phone does light up but stays on initializing network. I even followed the steps from a Youtube video, still it doesn't work. Can you help? I have an orientation for a work at home job at 5 pst today, two days of trying to figure this out, now running out of time.

Thank you



Re: Troubleshooting for Cisco 3 line IP Phone SPA 303

The phone has no dial tone

It mean the phone is not ready to initiate call. Phone is not ready because it can't register to upstream VoIP provider.Based on your observation, phone have no IP address. Although I know no details of your home LAN, in most typical scenario the IP address is assigned to phone by a router via DHCP protocol.

Phone is configured to use DHCP by default, so no configuration of phone  is necessary (unless you already changed settings to something wrong). Thus it's about router - it needs to be configured to assign addresses via DHCP.Nut most home routers have configured it by default. So it may be just incorrect wiring.

So much uncertainty.

Ask your LAN administrator or nearest network guru for help. Proper wiring needs to be verified. Not every Ethernet plug on the router can be used. Proper configuration of router needs to be verified. Unless IP address will be assigned to phone, you can't continue.


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