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Unity Bandwidth Question


I have a problem with bandwidth consumption between Unity Connection 7.1.5 and a remote 7942 phone. For whatever reason, there is a tremendous amount of data between transmitted between these devices, about 10mb every 15 minutes. Using Netflow, I see it's all UDP traffic between the unity server and the telephone. Traffic to the phone is coming in on port 22478 and 23866. Traffic from the phone to Unity is on UDP ports 17670 and 18902.

Any ideas on what is happening or how to stop the traffic?

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Leo Laohoo
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Duplicate post #2. 


A high UDP port to a high UDP port suggests it is RTP.

10Mb is probably about right if the call is up all the time if you include overheads (payload would be about 480KB for a minute).

So basically either your phone is calling into Unity all the time, or your Unity is calling your phone all the time.

Check your CDR records using whatever you use for billing, or enable CAR on CUCM and check the calls to/from the phone in question.

Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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