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Unity Connection RTMT Alert LowSwapPartitionAvailableDiskSpace

Mark Dragone
Level 1
Level 1

This is Unity Connection running 10.5.  I have received the alert On Sun Feb 28 20:47:53 EST 2016, alert LowSwapPartitionAvailableDiskSpace has occured. Counter Percent Available of Partition(Swap) on node X.X.X.X has value of 9 which is under low threshold 10 .  I have never seen this before and am looking for some advice on how to fix this issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Find the below bug for the same 

RTMT Alert : LowSwapPartitionAvailableDiskSpace on 10.5 Unity Connection and "show tech runtime memory" command shows swap is almost full.


Abhay Reyal

Abhay Singh Reyal
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Usually the SWAP Partition is being used when the RAM on server is being exhausted completely and we use SWAP partition to carry out the functions. 

We cannot free up the SWAP partition when the Call Manager / Cisco Unity / Cisco Unity connection / Presence server / TMS is up and running as some process, might be using the SWAP Space. 

How to clear out / Avoid SWAP high usage: 

1>     Disable any unnecessary/unwanted Traces being set on Server. 

2>    Increase the physical RAM on the Server. 

3>    Load Balance the Processes running on the impacted node with other nodes on the cluster 

4>    Reload of the Server will Clear out the SWAP Partition.

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