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Upgrade from CUCM 4.0(2) to 7.1(3A)

As there is no direct upgrade through DMA from 4.0(2) to 7.1(3A), is there any tool which can extract information from 4.x and can import it in 7.x ?

if thats no the option, What will be the best and least risk approach?

the upgrade to be on New IBM 7835 I3 Servers.
Current system has Extension mobility and Voicemail through IPFX.
nothing major configuration changes required.



i understand that and I have read those documents as well.

The upgrade to 7 from 4.o.x is a 3 step process.

1 - 4.0 to 4.1.3

2 - run DMA on 4.1.3

3 - install 7.x , using TAR file.

for this process I dont have spare servers and , dont want to risk the new appliance boxes with 4.0.x and then rebuild  7.x on the same.

also cust doesnt want to upgrade their production cluster to 4.1.3, so that I can get a compatible DMA.

so My question was if we have any other tool, which I can use to extract information (apart from BAT) from 4.0.2 and then insert in 7.x ?

sorry for not being clear enough in my the first go..

DMA is the only game in town that will automate it. Otherwise I see BAT exports and a lot of manual work in Excel in your future.

I prefer BAT anyways if the project allows for it. The dial plan best practice has changed twice since 4.0; first to line/device CSS and now to E.164 in 7.0.  DMA doesn't migrate a customer to the newer design.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

DMA is the only tool we provide to migrate data.

Other than that, it's BAT or manually take the info

Be aware that it's not at easy as export in 4.X and import in 7.X, there are many new mandatory fields in 7.X the file won't have and that you will need to manually add.

The easiest way would be to export per model and then create a phone from the same model in CUCM 7.X, export all details and add the new fields with the right value each model needs.



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