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Verint Recorder not recording External Calls

Hi All,

I hope someone would be able to point me in the rigt direction:

Customer has Verint Call recorder which is working fine on CUCM 9.1 recording internal and external calls on 7942's

We have added some new 9951/9971 phones and at first internal/external calls were not being recorded.

After making a change to the disable to the G.722/iSAC codec use on the phone internal calls are now recorded

However External calls are not being recorded at all

Calls are going out via MGCP gateway

Many thanks in advance


Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

Since changing the codec for internal calls fixed internal recording for the 9951/9971 phones, I would assume that the external recording issue is also a codec problem.  Do you know what codec verint supports for recording, g711 only possibly?  I'd check a CUCM log or verint log to see from the SIP messaging for an external call if the codec is g729 causing the call to not be recorded.  You could also check the CUCM Cisco CallManager logs and find the CallLogs file and see what the cause code is for the problem recording calls.  If you see a cause 47, resources unavailable, this points to a codec issue that cannot be corrected by finding a transcoder for the recording leg.

I never really touched on SIP, but i do recall a few of our guys having issues in the early days of SIP integration.

When you say internal calls are recorded, which side of the conversation are you listening to. ??

Your issue may be down to the Ultra not knowing that the new phones are there, so is ignoring them, and your'e actually hearing the conversation from the known device end ???

There used to be application sitting on the Ultra Server called Intellilink, this app would interface to the customers CTI server and trigger recording based on what the CTI server sent.

In there is a monitored devices list, you would normally need to list the devices you wished to monitor. If your new devices aren't in the list, then Ultra could be ignoring them, or doesn't know what to do with them.

There was also a channel mapping table.

Ultra would record audio to a particular channel based on certain critera.

If you can find the intellilink app, have a dig about in there, see if any of this makes any sense to you..

Thanks everyone for the responses so far.

I will check the logs to see if it's a codes issue on outbound calls also.

The internal calls are recorded for both types of phones. So a call between two 9951 phones is recorded and a call between a 9951 and a 7942 is also recorded.

I will keep troubleshooting

Thanks again all

Hi All

Just an update to confirm that this is now working

For External calls i had to check the "Media Termination Point Required" under the Phone/Device Configuration "Protocol Specific Information"

I guess this forces the use of g711 ulaw for all calls

Also i suspect that this can also be set on the SIP trunk but i didnt want to cause any issues with all the working phones so made the change on a single test phone instead.

Hope this helps someone else who may run into a simialr issue

Thanks everyone for your assistance



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