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Voicemail Hunt Group Message Waiting Indicators


Hi Guys,

I currently have a hunt group setup with 11 users, when the hunt group is busy and cannot pick up the call  it currently goes a group voicemail.

is their anyway to make it so that when their is a voicemail for the hunt group all members in that hunt group can see that voicemail on the phones?

i was thinking the Message waiting indicators, would this works? 


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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I'll assume this is CUC as you don't say what you use, have you tried using distribution groups?



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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Richard,

I like the idea from my friend Java (+5) but thought I would add a couple of alternatives as well;

Add a second "shared" line to all Line Group members phones and then set the Hunt Pilot DN as an Alternate Extension on this new line so the Red MWI Lamp would be lit on all member phones when a message is left against the Hunt Group mailbox.

Lets say the Hunt Pilot number is 5000 and the newly created second line DN's on the Line Group member phones is 2355. Set the Hunt Pilot to Forward (CFNA) to the Unity Pilot #.

Create a mailbox for 2355 with 5000 as an Alternate Extension. When the call routes through to Unity via the Hunt Pilot No Answer Unity should see the CLID of 5000 which will then be connected to the Mailbox on 2355.

Then tweak the Message Lamp Setting in CUCM for the second Line appearances;

For the second Line Setting on (each phone)-

Line Settings for this Device - Changes affect only this device

Message Waiting Lamp Policy - Light and Prompt

The RED Message Lamp will then work for these Second lines on each phone.

This second method has the drawback of only working for up to 10 phones I believe.

To Add MWIs for Other Extensions

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, find the user for whom you want to add another MWI.

Step 2 On the Edit menu, select Message Waiting Indicators .

Step 3 On the Message Waiting Indicators page, select Add New .

Step 4 On the New Message Waiting Indicator page, check the Enabled check box.

Step 5 In the Display Name field, enter a description for the MWI.

Step 6 Optionally, check the Inherit User’s Extension check box to use the primary extension for the user as the extension on which the message waiting indicator (MWI) appears.

Step 7 In the Extension field, enter the extension for the MWI. When entering characters, consider the following:

  • Enter digits 0 through 9. Do not use spaces, dashes, or parentheses.
  • Enter , (comma) to insert a one-second pause.
  • Enter # and * to correspond to the # and * keys on the phone.

Step 8 In the Phone System field, select the name of the phone system that the extension is assigned to.

Step 9 Select Save .

Step 10 Repeat Step 2 through Step 9 as necessary.




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