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When upload a sw, should Mac's be stopped

We need to upgrade our cucm but are looking at 7-8 servers so if we do it in series 14-16 hrs. We can cut this down by doing parallel upload from different sftp but still a while. Our change control window on any given day is short



Do we need to stop any MAC being done on the system if we start the upload early in the week say Wednesday evening so by Friday evening, the new sw is now on the inactive partition ready for the reboot.

What would happen if users or service desk were doing changes while we uploaded the new SW on the inactive partition, would these changes be on the new version when we switch sides?




As soon as you start the upgrade on the Publisher it will take a copy of the active partition and do the upgrade on that in the inactive partition. Any MACD changes done after this point will be lost at the time you do the switch version.

Why don't use PCD to do the upgrade in sequence for you? Also you don't need multiple SFTP or FTP servers to do installations in parallel. All nodes can use the same server as long as you don't put any limits on number of connections in the SFTP/FTP server software and why would you want to do that? The other recommendation would be to use FTP as the protocol if you don't end up using PCD as the download time for this is significant faster that for SFTP. Third thing that can help to speed things up would be to but the ISO file into VMware data storage that the VMs have access to and mount it as a DVD, That way you bypass the download time altogether and save valuable space in the common partition that might be needed for you to succeed with the upgrade.

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