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Bulk change CUCM 11.x userID in End User table with AXL

Robert Rhodes

Can anyone provide the AXL syntax to perform a bulk change of the userID attribute in the CUCM 11.x enduser table? I have used the executeSQLUpdate syntax in DOC-44206, but that updated a single record. I'd like to pull the old user ID and new user ID values from a .csv or .sql file (or other bulk method) if possible. I have about 4000 records to update, so the fastest and most efficient method would be ideal. My SQL skills are pretty limited and I'm new to AXL - assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Sascha Monteiro
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

you can have a look at the sqltoolkit from cucm

alternatively I have a commercial tool that can do about any bulk axl add/update/delete

I found a different reference on how to chain the update commands into a single sql statement. I still need to break it into smaller bits to keep it manageable but it works.

Out of curiosity, what's the commercial tool?

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Robert, I wrote a script that can do this in perl. Hopefully you can use it: The AXL interface will accept control characters like linefeeds and that which are a bad time if you put them in by accident. I stripped them out below. Hopefully this serves as a framework for you to do what you need, or others. Particularly this comes in handy when you're migrating to establish a LDAP sync, and you want to get your userIDs to line up.

The forum editor is doing its best to ruin this so I have attached it.

Thanks Adam. I am, in fact, attempting to converge the user IDs with AD SAM account names prior to an LDAP sync.

Hi Adam...I successfully tested your script in my lab. Thanks for sharing! I'm curious if you had any recommendations for running in a production environment. Specifically, if there are any performance impacts to CUCM when running script to update hundreds or thousands of users in one run? 

There were not for me - the system is relatively robust managing the change queue. I ran this against about 5700 users and had no trouble.

I’ve done work since then, the AXL interface will get slower if it needs to - and I didn’t handle timeout here. It shouldn’t be an issue but If it is, you’d just want to run smaller batches or add a sleep statement.

Raw DB queries have a limitation and excessive queries will be killed or will clog the change queue.
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