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Device Status in Search Criteria

Hi Cisco,

I read this on the following guide for the selectcmdevice operation


Device Status in Search Criteria

Specify registered/unregistered status devices. The following example shows status 'Any', 'Registered', 'UnRegistered', 'Rejected', and 'Unknown.'


I assume that by Unknown it means all the devices that have status 'Unknown' in cucm. Is my assumption correct ?

Althouth all the other statuses (Registered, UnRegistered, Rejected) seem to work fine Unknown does not provide accurate results.

I know that the Unknown status is not normally provided by RIS so I aml curious as to what this parameter does.

I am using CUCM 9.1.1 and the following url for the wsdl


I compare the results with RMTM status search (Device only configured on the database)


Thanks for the help!


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

From the page that you linked:

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria type, which is a Unified CM Selection criteria, follows the SOAP header. Selection criteria should not include "unknown." If you specify "unknown," it is treated as "any." The "Unknown" state can be present in a response.

(emphasis mine)

Note, however, that if the device has not been seen (registered or whatever) since the last reboot, then selectCmDevice won't find it even if you specify "Any" as the search criteria.   If the device has been "seen" (for example, registered), then it will show up, even if it is not currently registered. 

Thanks Nicholas. It's what I expected. I have to say this is confusing. The guide does not seem to distinguish between 'unknown' and 'Unknown' which are different.

I also do not understand the reason they mention it in the device classes section (unknown), device status (Unknown).

Is there any specific reason ?



Honestly, I have no idea.  Sorry! 

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