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Get calls history


Hi ,

Is there a way to get the call history from every phone number in a company using the AXL API ??

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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @mcarrero89,


I looked at the AXL Developer Guide docs (!axl-developer-guide) and couldn't find any API call that would give you that. But I recommend you have a look for yourself.


I did find a discussion with some promise for your request. AXL API directory number search. From that discussion:


"There's an SQL Command called executeSQLQuery.. it allows you to perform queries directly on the database.

On you'll find the schema of the database. Without spending time looking for the query, basically you have the numbers in the NumPlan table and the Devices in the Device table and the schema will tell you how you can link them. Then send your SQL Query via AXL, parse the result and you get the device name for the line."


I hope this helps!


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Historical/bulk call history will be managed via CUCM Call Detail Records:
This feature has a configurable amount of storage size on CUCM for keeping historical CDRs, so the time-frame is not 'infinite history for all calls', but rather a recent collection.  The intent is to have CUCM deliver these CDRs to an external SFTP host for analysis/long-term-storage.

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