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Maximum Number of Records Limit in Scalable Session Query API

We are trying to implement a recording fetching mechanism if missed due to any reason. We have date range and will fetch recordings between this. To make this more scalable I divided this date range into the interval of one day so We send a query for each day separately. But I'm not getting records more than 100. While in the documentation it's mentioned that its default value. So how may we increase this limit?

Currently, these are the request parameters we are sending:


"requestParameters": [


"fieldName" : "sessionStartDate",

"fieldConditions": [


"fieldOperator" : "between",

"fieldValues" : [





We tried by adding below attributes as well in the above parameters, but not worked still return max 100 records


"pageParameters": {"offset": "0" ,

"limit": "1000" }

And also tried this:


Would we have to further divide query (in 4 ,6 or 8 hours) ? What's THE BEST approach as mediasense also discards query if it takes more than 2 minutes (btw what is the maximum number of recordings which can be filtered in these 2 minutes with sessionStartDate constraint with between operator?)sessionStartDate

Thanks for your time and support.

anilve imandal nitinsi dlender manisgu3 pnijhawa hariskum anilv


Accepted Solutions
Cisco Employee

Hi Bilal,

Due to performance issue we limit the results. If you want to get all sessions which fulfil your search criteria, you can make custom queries. These custom queries will return all session which fulfil your search criteria. For more information, go to below link.

and search for section "Avoiding Non-Scalable Queries". In this section, there is information about custom queries and scalability.

For more queries/clarification, please revert back to us.


Ambrose Dev

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