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Hello Folks,I have a customer with two node setup of MediaSense 10.5 . Customer is using the MS API to add custom tags to active recordings. The problem is that sometimes MediaSense is telling the API that there are no active calls on the user's IP p...

wsolanovi by Level 1
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Hello,i am looking for a solution to control the BLF lamps of a Cisco Phone. In the offical AXL API i can not find anything. But it seams possible... the Chefsek solution of the company controls the Cisco BLF lamps. I saw it in their v...

HiI have an application that is making a lot of executeSqlQuery requests.. and these requests may be sequential, but they may also be concurrent (no way to tell beforehand.. ). Given that the doc mentions JSESSIONID in the context of sequential execu...

Hi,I send XML request to CUCM in order to retrieve all phones.Customer cisco architecture is composed to 10 clusters. publisher10. each cluster, the cu...

I am not able to obtain API through:http://{CER-IP}/cerappservices/export/authenticate/status/{user-name}/{MD5-encrypted-password}As mentioned in the document: am using...

Just wondering if the API from the link all there is for CER APIs.  I've been looking for something that can be used to monitor the "last p...

chuanqin by Level 1
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Hi,I would like to move voice mail message to another phone using SOAP AXL API and how to get a list of unread messages.Do you have any way to do this? Please help. Thank you.RegardsThuy Doan

TDoan by Level 1
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