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primaryDevice tag in user

Rising star
Rising star


What is the meaning of that tag? The documentation says "Primary Device for mobility users" which has me scratching my head. When I look at my fully configured users with RDP and mobile Jabber devices (and primary device filled out on the device), I still don't get a primaryDevice tag (in fact the tag isn't even in the getUser response unlike your usual "if there's nothing, the get operation returns an empty tag)



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I don't know why it's not returned with getUser.  I can check with the engineers, but it could be an oversight, or there may be some other means of getting the data.  If I understand it correctly, the primary device exists for licensing issues.  When you set a primary device, it is recorded only once in the number of phone licenses so you can assign the phone again without using up another license.  I'm not totally familiar with license issues, though.

Did yo get any feedback on this?

Not yet.  I filed it and will let you know.  I suspect it's a defect that needs to be fixed.  If it is, I'll let you know the defect ID.

Hi Stephan,

It is a confirmed defect.  The id is CSCut06334. 

Hi Nick

Sorry to drag up this old issue again.. the bug being non public I was wondering what the status is. I guess it's something they won't fix given that the value is deprecated from release 11 onward (just found your other resonse)

The CDETS audit trail says it has been fixed since 11.5(0.98000.221).

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