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Response.AddHeader refresh not working on Phone 8945

Pranjol Saikia

Hi ,

I build a Image rotation application for cisco phones that using Response.AddHeader refresh attribute in CiscoIPPhoneImageFile object.

application works with all image supported phones except Cisco phone model 8945.

image is displayed on phone 8945 but not requested for second image it means response.addheader is not invoking properly.

Its Urgent so please response ASAP.

Kind Regards.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Its possible you may be running into this defect: CSCub85177: XSI - Refresh header not executed if URL field missing

The workaround is to always include the refresh URL, even if the intent is to refresh the current page/URL

Hi dstaudt,

I am providing URL on Response.Header and my application properly working with phones like 8961,9971,7942 etc.

Only problem with phone model 8945 and in logs i am getting that no request coming on timeout happened in Response.Header .

So is there any setting needs to be enable at 8945 end?

There are no configuration options to enable/disable refresh capability, though there could be a defect in the way the phone interprets the header.

Can you check that the phone is running the latest version of firmware (please test with the latest if not?)

Next, can you obtain a network packet capture of the HTTP request/response to the phone (e.g. using Wireshark?)  It would be good to get a pcap for working (another model) vs. non-working scenarios.

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