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Hello ! New there, so maybe the question was already be answered somewhere, sorry in advance for this… Environment : VPS Debian 10 server, with pam_duoonly enrolled usersDUO MFA My question is : how can I manage policies to allow console logins witho...

just wanted to setup DUO MFA for ASA VPN users. Users are AD users. How can DUO know to which mobile number MFA request should be send when a user logs in. How is DUO relating a phone number/phone to an AD user.

manvik by Level 3
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Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the correct section. I would like to know if there is any options or roadmap to increase the number of reports or customisation of the reports. for example, on the Bypass users report, is it possible to include the...

slanetw by Level 1
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We are setup with two enrollment methods. Inline SelfEnroll is the primary for citrix users, so they enroll themselves the first time they login. We also have a couple hundred who were ad-sync enrolled through a security group, SG_Duo I was wondering...

TravisJ by Level 1
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Hi, I’ve started using Duo Free for my home network, and there’s no ability to send an email notification to a new user manually added, so i looked at an email sent to a user using Duo Access. The enrolment link has the format https://API-HOSTNAME/po...

KenZ by Level 1
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hello we got enable sso using AD sync. we followed the base directions and have it synced up to the BAse DN. we want to use security Groups through for ex we use sso for dropbox and have an AD security group built specifically for the users that ne...

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