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CE - PE route redistribution on Nexus 9000

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Hi Gang,


I'm trying to transpose this simple MPLS tutorial  to a Nexus 9000 core using VIRL on Packet.

There's a few different ways things are done on the Nexus but by and large it was going well until I got to the point where customer routes need to be redistributed across the MPLS core to "join" the customer sites.  The section I am specifically referring to follows this image about three quarters into the tutorail:


mpls configuration step by step ospf topology

At this point, the tutorial suggests adding this to R1's config:


router bgp 1
address-family ipv4 vrf RED 
redistribute ospf 2
...but having reviewed this document it appears there is no way to redistribute the ospf routes into MBGP and vice-versa *without* a route map.  Consulting context help on the cli seems to confrim:
R1# conf term
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
R1(config)# router bgp 1
R1(config-router)# vrf RED
R1(config-router-vrf)# address-family ipv4 unicast
R1(config-router-vrf-af)# redistribute ospf 2 ?
route-map Route-map applied to redistributed routes
. . .
R1# conf term
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
R1(config)# router ospf 2
R1(config-router)# redistribute bgp 1 ?
route-map Policy to constrain redistribution
 Neither of the two examples admit "CR" as an option - you must follow the command with 'route-map' for it to be valid.
Can someone confirm if that's the case?
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Level 1

Hi Martin,

Yes you are correct that you must use a route-map whenever redistributing on NX-OS. If I remember this is the same on ASR9K's as well, but don't assume this... ;-)


The reason might be that you as the network admin 1.)know exactly what you are redistributing and 2.) to have good control over what you are redistributing.


The easiest in your case is to allow all in that route-map...


Hope this helps and enjoy!



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