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Export VPN VRF routes to Global routing table


Hey, I have a requirement of dynamically export routes from VPN VRF to the GRT on a 7600/ASR router . Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be great?


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Vaibhava Varma

Hi Jake

There is no direct documented way per my best understanding to achieve the dynamic route leaking of VRF Routes into GRT but there can be a possible workaround per my thought process as outlined below.

1. Create X/30 Tunnel Interfaces between PE-CE per customer peering and on the PE make the Tunnel Interface VRF aware ie part of the same VRF as PE-CE Interface using command" tunnel vrf VRF_Name"

2. Configure any PE-CE routing protocol of our choice under Global Config e.g eBGP over the Tunnel Interface X/30 and we can achieve the required import of Customer ROutes to GRT and send the GRT to the CE.

Caveats: This solution requires an additional X/30 between Each PE-CE Link to achieve the dynamic import behaviour but I would say this is not much of a burden as compared to achieving the dynamic behaviour.

Hope this provides some insight to your query.

Please let me know for any clarification



Thanks for the info. But is there any alterative to achieve this without additional configuration on the CE.


Not that I am aware of or have come across. Hope the experts around here shed some more light on this requirement.



Hi Jake,

If the requirement is to have VRF routes in global table, Can you have this neighbor in gloal table instead of VRF and dynamically leak gtom global to VRF table using below feature,

I think with this approach you can acheive what you want (have the prefixes in global table and also in VRF table).

The other approach I remember using in the past is to have a physical loop on PE between different interface with one interface in global table and otehr in VRF table. Now configure ip address from same subnet and enable BGP between them. This way, you make the PE think that the neighbor is some remote addr instead of its own addr in different VRF :). You may have to take care of bgp router-id and allowas-in to make this work.

But to my knowledge, this is very complex and trafic may have to pass the physical loop. If you think the first approach solves your problem, it is better you use that.



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