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L2TPv3 issue on NCS 5000



I am testing L2TPv3 between two NCS 5001 connected by a L3 network, but it doesn't work (the first one has IOS XR 6.2.x and the other one IOS XR 6.3.x). Dynamic configuartion never comming up, and static configuration comming up, but there isn't ping end to end between CPEs behind PEs. It follows the configuration of router PEA (it's similar on Router PEB). Both routers PEA and PEB has a loopback interface that is reacheable each other.



pw-class L2TPV3
encapsulation l2tpv3
protocol l2tpv3
ipv4 source


xconnect group L2TPV3
p2p to_PEB
interface TenGigE0/0/0/35
neighbor ipv4 pw-id 100

pw-class L2TPV3


interface TenGigE0/0/0/35
mtu 2000




RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PEA#show l2vpn pw-class name L2TPV3
Sat Aug 22 19:44:26.342 ECT
Name Encapsulation Protocol
-------------------------------- ---------- ----------
L2TPV3 L2TPv3 L2TPv3


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PEA#show l2vpn xconnect group L2TPV3

Legend: ST = State, UP = Up, DN = Down, AD = Admin Down, UR = Unresolved,
SB = Standby, SR = Standby Ready, (PP) = Partially Programmed

XConnect Segment 1 Segment 2
Group Name ST Description ST Description ST
------------------------ ----------------------------- -----------------------------
L2TPV3 to_PEA DN Te0/0/0/35 UP 100 DN


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PEA#show l2vpn xconnect group L2TPV3 detail

Group L2TPV3, XC to_Quevedo, state is down; Interworking none
AC: TenGigE0/0/0/35, state is up
Type Ethernet
MTU 1986; XC ID 0x5; interworking none
packets: received 0, sent 0
bytes: received 0, sent 0
drops: MTU exceeded 0, other 0
PW: neighbor, PW ID 100, state is down ( local ready )
PW class L2TPV3, XC ID 0x5
Encapsulation L2TPv3, protocol L2TPv3
PW type Ethernet, control word enabled, interworking none
PW backup disable delay 0 sec
Sequencing both, resync threshold 150

L2TP class l2tp_default_class, IPv4 source address
TOS 0 (reflect disabled), TTL 255, DF bit not set
Path MTU: disabled
Tunnel state idle, remote circuit status down
L2TPv3 Local Remote
--------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------
Session unassigned unknown
Cookie size 0 bytes 0 bytes
Cookie unassigned unknown
MTU 1986 unknown
Control word enabled enabled
PW type Ethernet unknown
--------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------
Create time: 22/08/2020 18:25:03 (01:21:37 ago)
No status change since creation
packets: received 0, sent 0
bytes: received 0, sent 0
drops: out of sequence 0, other 0


When I actived a debug at router PEA, I got the following error message, of which there isn't information:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:Aug 22 19:40:16.532 : l2vpn_mgr[1201]: DBG-XC: get_vfi_from_fwd:2276, XC DB operation failed. Reason: Invalid context 0x7fc3e1823558 or container type 0


Thank you very much for any help.


Best regards,



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I know it old but I wonder if you get solution?

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