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Resolved! Segment-Routing with ISIS. Where to place Mapping server? how to prefer certain mapping server

 In above topology area 1 and area 0 is SR-enabled but area 2 is LDP only. I leaking both PE's loopbck IP into area 1/2. I am using mapping server to assign and advertise prefix-sid for ( Loop back of PE-10). From lab experience my con...


ASR920 as pre-aggregation role

Hello everyone,I'm planning to use ASR920-12SZ-D as pre-aggregation device using MPLS.It's a new ASR920 model with 12 TenG ports  (

DavideL3 by Beginner
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EoMPLS feature on 3725 or 2801 or 2801C?

Hi,I noticed in this post:  the author reports using EoMPLS feature on a 3725 platform with the interface command something like this: "xconnect 99 encapsulation mpls".  The Cisco feature naviga...

l2 xconnect passing arp but not l3 traffic

EDIT*** it might be a bug on the 1st ASR 16.2.2. cscvf59830 I am going to upgrade the ASR and get back. The xconnect shows up. ARP is resolving across the link, but I can not ping. I...

Internet access slow but intranet good

Hi All, I am having an issue with a design in which we have around 50 small sites which are connected to main datacenter through MPLS. Last mile links are around 5-10 MBPS. There is a firewall which is shared among these sites and it is located at Da...

About MPLS VPN OptionB traceroute Probem

HI guys I got something problem about MPLS VPN OptionB,specially the traceroute.And here is my topology some reason of our company,there is only one router in BGP65000,which bulid EBGP neighbor with ASBR in BGP65001。 now the R10 can communicate with...

fyner by Beginner
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Hub to Spoke Issue

I have configured a single Hub and 2 spokes in gns3 and eBGP is running between the hub and the spoke routers.Wan to Wan reachability is fine but unable to reach from Spoke location C.E to other spoke location C.EBetween Spoke PE to CE im running sta...

Mani3 by Beginner
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MPLS MTU - should I set it?

Hi, we have an ISP provided private MPLS network. We've left the MTU on the CE MPLS interface as default ie 1500.Reading around these forums, it seems that you can increase this to prevent fragmentation?Should I do this or leave it at it's default? E...

louis0001 by Participant
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MPLS via GRE tunnel issue

Dear all, I want to deploy MPLS in IP tunnel environment so  i tried to create on a pair of ASR 920 a GRE tunnel via IP environment for testing, enable ospf and ldp on the tunnel. Everything seems fine but when I establish a l2vpn service (xconnect),...



HI,  I need small clarification on bgp unshut.  I actually need to unshut a bgp peer ipv4 for a vrf Voice_data.  While doing it, i did not get into the address-family ipv4 vrf Voice_Data to unshut the bgp peer initially due to which I g...

Raja_D by Beginner
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Resolved! Help with an MPLS/OSPF issue

Hi, I have a problem with a traffic between PE01 and PE03 (please see attached diagram).When PE03 tries to reach a network in CLI, this traffic uses MPLS, but when it returns it uses generic IP, it is normal? How can avoid this behavior?I want to put...

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