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Software forced crash of 7200

Hello everybody!

I have a problem with a 7200(NPE-G1) router with 12.4(11)T IOS. There was a system crash occured during normal use on a router. There was a message in logs:

%SYS-2-WATCHDOG: Process aborted on watchdog timeout, process = Per-Second Jobs.

I've found a bug CSCsm84257 in the resolved caveats of 12.4(11)T but in the description of the bug were only catalyst 6500 and 7600 listed. Is it possible that 7200 is affected by this bug too?

Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master

Hello Yekaterina,

the watchdog is a process that verifies that no other process uses the cpu for more then a time (usually expressed in msecs).

if this happens for a very long time the watchdog has the authority to reload the whole router.


In your case the process Per-Second Jobs has gone over the time limit in using the cpu.

the bug description clearly lists only IOS images 12.2SXH or 12.2SXF for C7600 or C6500.

By the way are you using netflow on your router?

There have been cases like this where the process causing the crash was for example AAA so watchdog is a more general concept.

If you like you can post a sh tech in an attachment file or you can use the output interpreter that you can find here

Hope to help


Hello Guiseppe,

Yes, I'm using netflow on my router and that's why I suspect the crash was caused by the bug CSCsm84257 or CSCsq75944. Besides in the list of affected version there was 12.4(11)T. Conditions of the bug CSCsx34297 are closed to mine too but I have the crash info not just unexpected reload of the router.

The results of the output interpreter didn't help to make the problem clear. No bug exactly matches my errors.

Hello Yekaterina,

yes 12.4(11)T is listed in affected versions of CSCsq75944.

>> No bug exactly matches my errors.

Unfortunately this happens.

Disabling netflow is not probably an acceptable option I would use just the old ip route-cache flow command to monitor only incoming traffic.

You may want to consider an IOS image upgrade

Hope to help


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