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Is Domain Controller and Reporting server included in Prime service catalaog appliance 12.0?

Friends, I am planning to deploy the Cisco Prime Service catalogue appliance for my test lab.

In the server architecture for manual Standalone installation, I see we need a Domain Controller module and Reporting module installed on different servers and is a part of installation when using the Wildfly cluster Topology.

In Cisco installation document for Virtual Appliance, It shows the appliance has following following features preconfigured:

  • CentOS Linux, version 7.2
  • Apache HTTP Server, version 2.4.6
  • WildFly Application Server, version 10.0.0. Final
  • Oracle 12c Database Enterprise Edition, version
  • Prime Service Catalog, version 12.0
  • Docker 1.10.3

Do we still need to install the domain controller service and setup separate reporting server or they are preconfigured on the appliance?

The document doesnt have data on these modules.

Please assist.

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Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

They should not be on the appliance pre-configured. My appliance does not have them and I know you have to setup Cognos for reporting separately to begin with.

This is the CloudCenter forum however, so this is mostly around CloudCenter. If you need further clarification/help, I suggest opening a TAC case.


--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX

Hi Roberts,

Thanks for your response. I am planning to setup reporting server separately.

My Main concern was about the domain service for Wildly application cluster.

Do we have a separate area for Cisco Prime Service Catalog and ONE Cloud , where I could post questions in this area?

The old forum location was

but not sure how monitored it is out of the CPO one. And that one has even moved to DevNet.

I would suggest opening a TAC case for your query.

--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX
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