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AAA failover in ASA

Hello, i just wanna ask the config to set AAA failover if ASA couldn't contact ACS. Is that possible? I want user access by authentcating to ACS but if ASA's connection to ACS fail, it will revert authentication to ASA itself.

I see that ASA config is different than router and switch.

Cisco Employee

If you want that authentication should failover to another ACS server, create a aaa server group and define 2 servers in it and use this server group in the authentication command.



aaa-server TEST protocol tacacs

aaa-server TEST host

aaa-server TEST host

aaa authentication telnet console TEST


So authentication will go to if it timesout due to any reason it will fallback to

If you want failover to local ASA define it according to following :

aaa authentication telnet console TEST LOCAL

Hope this helps.


I've input

aaa authentication telnet console LOCAL

But i just can log in using local user and pass. I can't use ACS authentication. As i try to input :

aaa authentication telnet console

i can use ACS authentication, but when i deny the access from ASA to ACS, it can't do anything accept blank screen when i input the user and pass and enter.

enable debugs and check the status:

debug aaa authentication

debug tacacs

You should get an answer if its getting fallback to local or not

Hi rochopra,

I get your point, thanks hehehe.

But i found that it take times to revert to LOCAL as i see in debug, it sent 3 times to ACS before revert to LOCAL.

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