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Anyone else having issues with any of the wireless wizards not loading?


ISE 2.3p1(post 10-18-2017 update) VM, running on HyperV 2012R2

I know the wireless wizard is beta.

But it doesn't matter so far what wireless wizard I try to run, they all get to the "Wireless LAN Controller" screen...and just sits there spinning at 'loading..." on what I am assuming is step 1?

I tried this before the p1 update, I tried it on the original p1 update, and on the corrected p1 update. All the same result.

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Accepted Solutions

Yes please ask for escalation through the TAC because this is working with many environments and haven’t seen this being an issue.

What version of the WLC are you using?

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Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I have it working with a fresh install of 2.3 patch 1

You should have been asked to enable it?

Make sure you’re running 8 gig ram

Standalone mode

Please check the following guide for all the details


I did turn on the service. And it is running, and this is my only ISE server at this point. Still every time I only get to the one spot and it hangs. I have let it sit there for an hour.

Whats the status of? show application status ise

Are you running the recommend resources?

Tried contacting the tac to debug?

ISE PROCESS NAME                   STATE        PROCESS ID


Database Listener                  running      3469
Database Server                    running      91 PROCESSES
Application Server                 running      9424
Profiler Database                  running      5773
ISE Indexing Engine                running      10929
AD Connector                       running      16319
M&T Session Database               running      5675
M&T Log Collector                  running      9566
M&T Log Processor                  running      9477
Certificate Authority Service      running      12472
EST Service                        running      19797
SXP Engine Service                 disabled
Docker Daemon                      running      11624
TC-NAC Service                     disabled
Wifi Setup Helper Container        running      12161
Wifi Setup Helper Vault           running      42
Wifi Setup Helper MongoDB         running      15
Wifi Setup Helper Web Server      running      245
Wifi Setup Helper Auth Service    running      127
Wifi Setup Helper Main Service    running      167

...skipping one line

pxGrid Infrastructure Service      disabled
pxGrid Publisher Subscriber Servicedisabled
pxGrid Connection Manager          disabled
pxGrid Controller                  disabled
PassiveID WMI Service              running      12987
PassiveID Syslog Service           running      13676
PassiveID API Service              running      14051
PassiveID Agent Service            running      14643
PassiveID Endpoint Service         running      15171
PassiveID SPAN Service             running      16003
DHCP Server (dhcpd)                disabled
DNS Server (named)                 disabled

6 vCPU

16G Static

500GB Drive

I have not reached out to TAC yet, haven't had a lot of time for troubleshooting, but that will eventually be an option.

OK that all looks fine did you try stopping and starting the wireless set up services

Are there any firewalls between you and the box since it is running on different ports

I have rebooted the server, I have restarted those services, I have even reset the wireless setup.

No, I am on the same network as the ISE server no firewall involved.

OK strange I am on patch three with 2.1 and it’s working fine please contact the tac

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Good luck with TAC.  I opened a ticket with them on this exact same issue on October 5th.  They have sent me a total of two messages.  One when I first opened the ticket and one after I requested a new TAC agent when I had gone 8 days without response.  Today is my 10th day without a response from the new TAC agent.  In the message that my second TAC agent sent me, one of the links contained: CSCvg65262 - easy wireless setup not working with wlc 8.5.105 code.  If you manage to solve this problem please let us know.

Kirk would recommend escalating to the tac duty manager

Yes that defect I opened, please if this is something you need get the  justification over to the product manager thru sales channel  amekulka

Wow what a coincidence, Its nice to meet you Jason.  I was surprised to find that ticket.  I had never seen one that I couldn't read the details of.  So in relation to the ticket you created.  I was running 8.5.105 and then downgraded to and nothing changed.  So its possibly larger than just that one version of the firmware.

As a side note, I was able to find errors in the wifisetup_xenia.log file there is an “Error invoking API to get all Network Devices”.  It says that it is a Generic HTTPS error code 401.  Also listed in the log is a long line of Java errors.

If you find yourself free and want to look at the case the case number is  683391987.

Its not something that I need at this moment.  But it is a problem and rather than doing a work around that is cumbersome, I would rather just solve the problem.  So instead of going the long way of solving the problem, I submitted the ticket in hopes that TAC could look at my logs, find the bug, fix it and everyone would be better off for it.



Unfortunately I don’t work in the tac I opened the defect when I was doing some testing please escalate to the duty manager also it would be nice if you sent me an email on how are you using the wireless set up wizard so I can get it to the product manager


My install is a single instance for now. It doesn't matter which wireless wizard I try to run, they all stall at the same spot. I spoke with TAC, and they don't understand the issue so far either. The last I spoke with TAC; the tech was supposedly escalating, but sent me documents on how to do the setups manually. So I have done that for the guest wifi for the time being, but would REALLY like to have the wizard working for other setups.

Yes please ask for escalation through the TAC because this is working with many environments and haven’t seen this being an issue.

What version of the WLC are you using?

Our WLCs are 2504, running v8.5.105.0

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