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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hello All,I have a customer that is running ACS 4.2 on a VM and they would like to migrate using the ACS to ISE migration program to migrate to an ISE hardware appliance. Can the customer migrate from VM to HW (of corse after upgrading to ACS 5.8) an...

rroulhac by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! VM vs Appliance?

So, right now we are running 2 ISE 2.1 VM's and looking at adding PSN's for expansion. Due to space requirements, my VM admin is complaining about the amount of disk usage.So, my question is.Does anyone see an advantage to appliance vs VM. I can find...

L3IF trustSec Interface-to-SGT Mapping, is it possible to receive multiple  SGT  on the ports that is  facing the WAN ?Sample  topology       Site-A                                             WAN-Cloud                              Site-B3750x ------...

jideji by Cisco Employee
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  Hi there  I have a two node ISE cluster running ISE 2.2 (newly installed).I have got two issues I am trying to address.First one relates to the redirect URL.According to the ISE documentation, in guest cases, including CWA, there is an automatic r...

Aneesh Ram by Beginner
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Good day, I have installed ACS 5.8 and migrated users and groups from ACS 4.2 using the migration tool. Unfortunately when a users logs in to the routers they only have privilege level 1  SARBFSC1>sh privCurrent privilege level is 1 SARBFSC1>enablepa...

reghardt by Beginner
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I have a customer with a large distributed deployment running 2.1.  They have a wired policy set that defaults to a CWA so that they are able to support wired guests. When devices are plugged into the network for the first time, ISE works on profili...

juror8 by Beginner
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My understanding of the above command is the following - force-unauthorized—causes the port to remain in the unauthorized state, ignoring all attempts by the client to authenticate. The switch cannot provide authentication services to the client thro...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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