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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Is there a good reason or benefit to upgrading to the latest?  I will have to present a reason other than, I want to. :)  Any Caveats to upgrading to be watchful for?  I have VM with a pair, one is master, the other the log collector/standby.

Hello, we are working on a customer PoC where we need to use an extreme switch (X440), does anyone has any axperience with it?We are having some serious issue in configuring dot1x and MAB on it.Also, we would like to work on the SNMP CoA and might us...

martucci by Cisco Employee
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I'm attempting to create the "crypto host_key" on our ACS box in order to connect to our SFTP server for logging.  When I issue the command:"crypto host_key add host x.x.x.x" I receive the following error: "%host-key add failed" I have deleted any ho...

Good Morning; I am in the process of upgrading our ACS 5.6 VM servers to ACS 5.7. The ISO File, 5.7 Tar, and Base Patch works fine. The issue  we are running into appears to be after each cumulative patch upgrade. The "Show Application Status ACS" di...

nhkelley1 by Level 1
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Hi All, In the process of building Cisco ISE 1.4 for a customer. Will Cisco ISE EAP-TLS authentication work with a server certificate that has Signature algorithm of sha256RSA and signature hash algorithm of sha256. Client certificates also use signa...

Phil Neil by Level 1
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Hi everyone,From reading the design guides on pxGrid, I understand that it is recommended to use a distributed deployment model with separate, dedicated nodes for the primary and secondary pxGrid controller.  However, for small deployments where we w...

danbates by Cisco Employee
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Is there a way to change the fqdn w/o needing to re-configure ISE from scratch? I have a 2-node deployment.  The domain is changing - so I have a new wildcard cert for the new domain, but the server's current fqdn won't work w/ the new cert.

moody by Level 1
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