Network Access Control

Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi Team, We have ACS 5.1 in place and created few users for providing access to the network equipment using RADIUS.Our requirement is to 1. controll access for users to specified network equipments.                                       2. create a n...

We are currently running a Cisco 4500 (with limited L1 access to the switch via CNA only) we have MAB configured on it for Vlan 1.  Occasionally we get a client who complains they were disconnected, only to see the port shutdown because of what looks...

Hi all - I'm trying to access my ASA 5510 firewalls using WinSCP on SFTP (or SCP) protocol on port 22. I can authenticate (LOCAL database on AAA rules) but then can go no further as it throws an error message at me (pic attached). I can SSH on port 2...

Yes I know these are very old servers and technically we should move away from CAS altogether. But unfortunately this is an environment i inherited and am now dealing with the issues.  Due to the requirement to move away from sha-1 signed certificate...

I am working on getting ISE licensing requirements put together for the upcoming budget. I am confused on licensing for a failover appliance. Do we need to get another set of licenses for the failover appliance, or will the licenses for the primary d...

gocarroll by Level 1
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I have several meraki AP's deployed that I would like to use 2-factor authentication to, as well as AD group membership lookup.  The 2 factor service we are looking at is cloud based radius and only supports a few auth protocols.  The Meraki AP's als...

smolz by Level 4
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