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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Forum Posts

Resolved! ISE posture - Windows updates

Hi,a customer is testing ISE 2.2 with posture analysis, his objective is to check the windows OS levels and patch for non internal users.These users are external contractors, with a Windows PC. The customer is going to mandate the installation of the...

mafattor by Cisco Employee
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802.1x for capwap access-point

Hello, In my wired network I successfully use 802.1x authentication in multi domain and single host modality. I would like to also authenticate by EAP FAST my capwap access-points.  The problem is that all my network ports are configured for multi do...

l.buschi by Explorer
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Resolved! RADIUS Live log shows nothing

Hi.    My ISE doesn't show anything on the RADIUS Live Log page despite that it works fine! I have 2 interfaces on ISE, one for administration and one for guest portal and logins. Clients (including guests and admins) can successfully log i...

Resolved! CoA Operation not supported for an EndPoint

Hi Folks,          I got error when trying to send CoA request on authenticated endpoints. But there was error on the page which indicated the operation was not supported for the endpoint(but I did the CoA request before on the endpoint) . The endpoi...

yafli by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! User Login Report

Is there anyway to generate a report in ACS 5.8 that describes each user and the last time they have successfully logged in? See an example below.  I have a customer that wishes to generate such a report.User:               Last Log in DateJohn Doe  ...

jayfrank by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Need help to convert ACS to ISE.

Following the BU's advice, we engaged customer to migrate ACS to ISE.  The customer is testing the ISE to see if they can place the ACS server with ISE.  He has successfully move the database and stuff from ACS server to an ISE appliance from demo de...

alawang by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! ACS 5.5 on ESXi 5.0

We are running a deployment of 4 ACS 5.3 instances on VMware ESXi version 5.0.  We have not upgraded beyond ACS 5.3 as ESXi version 5.5 is required for ACS 5.4 and beyond.  We wish to migrate to ISE 2.3 in a different VM farm running ESXi version 6.0...

ricktroeh1 by Beginner
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Resolved! CWA chaining

Hello team,We have a customer that requires to check both device certificate (to prevent access of non-corporate laptops) and user identity (username and password). They don't have AD and would like to store the identity in the internal ISE DB. One o...

vkirchev by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Export and API Questions

Hi,  I have a couple for unrelated questions that I'd like to have answered.Exporting data from ISE to either a Local vs. Repository (CVF).  What is the difference between the two?Accessing the ISE data through an API.  Is there any limitations on th...

Tom Raes by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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