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Resolved! ISE Node Latency Alarms

Hello,The guidance for ISE 2.1+ is to keep latency between nodes lower than 300ms for optimal performance.  Is it true that the following ISE alarms pertain to that threshold?  If so, what are their trigger points exactly and what is the difference b...

jofische by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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ACS 5.2 Command sets - mulitple arguments?

Let's say you a user to be able to go into interface mode to change a vlan, however you only want them to be able to issue "int gig x/x/x" or "int fa x/x" & nothing else...???So my comand set looks like the following:Grant                      Comman...

by Not applicable
  • 7 replies
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ISE nodes - AD join question

We have a distributed deployment and each ISE node is joined to different Domain Controllers. Some of these Domain Controllers are going away and new DCs will be built to replace the old ones. How do I remove the ISE nodes from the old DCs and join t...

miclacs13 by Beginner
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Resolved! ISE Posture.xml

We have 2 datacenter sites, a primary and backup. The profile.xml file needs a DiscoveryHost defining which we've defined as the Policy Node 1 in DC1. the server rules in the profile are set as "*" for wildcard. The question is if DC1 fails how will ...

Resolved! Looking for Connectiondata.xml for posture in MAC OSx machine

Hi Team,Wants to know the location for connectiondata.xml file to check for connected PSN for posture. In my case customer is only able to connect to one PSN from ASA if I change to someother PSN in deployment. It doesn't find the server. Looks like ...

Resolved! F5 BIG IP Load Balancing Deployment for ISE

Looking to leverage the deployment guide created by Cisco to implement an F5 load balancing scenario for ISE.  The document and other resources were created in 2014 and I know a lot has changed on the ISE front since then (presumably F5 as well) and ...

sbyars by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Configure WMI

Can anyone please explain exactly what the "Configure WMI" button does in ISE 2.2? I am having to detail out this information for our server admins as we attempt to implement PassiveID. I have been working with TAC but they cannot explain the detail....

dmooregfb by Contributor
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! How to automate username and password generation from the sponsor portal and have users retrieve them through Checkpoint as an identity?

I am looking to automate username and password generation from the ISE sponsor portal and have user identity shared with CheckPoint for rulebase usage.Is this as simple as using the GET operation to retrieve a guest user’s information and view their ...

Brishear by Cisco Employee
  • 1 replies
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Cisco ISE Local User Database - Password never expire for specific user

Hi Everyone Is it possible to disable password expiry for a specific user in the Cisco ISE Local User Database. The Situation is that VPN users have been migrated from Cisco ACS to ISE and now all Authc/AuthZ is happening through Cisco ISE Local User...

Resolved! Cisco ISE Licensing

Hi,  I had Installed ISE 2.0 and had it licensed, now I have upgraded to ISE 2.1 and in licensing criteria it shows that it currently using traditional licensing, my question is do I have only 90 days left to migrate to smart licensing, or my traditi...

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