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Capacity Planning for Additional Load on ISE


For example I need to Migrate FMC User Agent Service for an FMC from User Agent to ISE-PIC , I already have ISE ( using the function for ISE-PIC ) , now need to determine if existing ISE can take the additional load so it can serve another FMC to Provide user name / IP Feed. Is there any matrix or template you have to do the capacity planning. ?

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Marcelo Morais
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Hi @MSJ1 ,

1st remember that:

" ... From Cisco ISE Release 3.1, all pxGrid connections must be based on pxGrid 2.0. pxGrid 1.0-based (XMPP-based) integrations will cease to work on Cisco ISE from Release 3.1 onwards.

pxGrid Version 2.0, which is based on WebSockets, was introduced in Cisco ISE Release 2.4. We recommend that you plan and upgrade your other systems to pxGrid 2.0-compliant versions in order to prevent potential disruptions, if any, to integrations... "

2nd you are able to use ISE-PIC or ISE w/ pxGrid (up to 4x pxGrid on a Large Deployment).

3rd also take a look at VM Spec for ISE PIC.


Hope this helps !!!

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