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cisco acs version % error reading directory on remote server



I am having problem viewing the contents of our patch repository on an sftp server. I will need to install a cumulative patch from the remote sftp repository at some point.


I patched using the same sftp repository folder back in June and had to recreate the repository and run the command

I've recreated a repository called patch using the command line and also ran:


 Acs/admin# crypto host_key add host  ip_address_of_sftpserver


I see the correct response similar to this from the Cisco 5.5  CLI pdf

host key fingerprint added
# Host acs found: line 1 type RSA
2048 dd:df:e9:2f:4b:6f:cb:95:4e:47:0f:3a:a4:36:43:98 (RSA)


In June this solved my problem and I could read  / install patch files.

But, this time the command is not resolving the problem, I still get      % error reading directory on remote server

Running Acs/admin#show crypto host_keys     shows me that I have a key e.g 2048 dd:df:e9:2f:4b:6f:cb:95:4e:47:0f:3a:a4:36:43:98 (RSA)


Is there another command to try or is it possible the password for our sftp user account has timed out/ ACS box has been denied access to the sftp folder?



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Hi Stuart

There is a known bug:

CSCtt47076    ACS fails to validate SFTP credentials if password is longer 16 chars


so, ensure that the SFTP user password is <=16 characters.


Also, use the IP address of SFTP server instead of hostanme in hostname coulumn.


In the Repository that you have created on ACS, Try using Ip address for example:

           sftp://    instead of  s


See if that helps!!



Minakshi(Do rate the helpful post)


The crypto host_key add host  ip_address_of_sftpserver from my original post had worked.

I was using a VM Sphere console to access the CLI on the ACS appliance this time which refuses stfp.

If I use a Putty.exe conncetion from a terminal server (which I must have done in June), then I can read the sftp folder on the terminal server from the ACS command line.

This is a satisfactory work around for now, although I know Putty connections are not used on our other clients, so at some point i will have to use sftp from a VM Sphere console.





i had the same issue

re-adding the host_key did not fix it for me.

i was also using vsphere console

then i used putty per your post and worked. this is very weird but it works


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