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Cisco ISE for VLAN Guest

Hi there,

I´m trying to configure a Cisco ISE in order to authenticate one vlan guest for the customers. I´m work for a Hospital in Brazil and when the customer wants to access the Internet thay can using a wirelss network. Today we are working with no authentication, but the next step is to enable an authentication.

I have a WLC integrated with the Cisco ISE, so when a client with a laptop or an Ipad for example try to access the Internet is redirected to a web page login asking for username and password.

I try to install a certificate from  but the problem is when I try to access the Internet first the WLC says to me that the "controlle" isn´st a trust certificate and click next to continue, after that the cisco ise says the same that the certificate from digicert ins´t a trusted certificate.

Is anybody can help me with this isse??   Any documento from the Cisco website lika a step-by-step to install and configure this???

Tks for the help!

Adriano Porcaro                  

Mathieu Sturm

Here is a link for you how to install the certificate on the WLC for your virtual ip

Make sure that the certificate on your ISE is accepted as well for eap (

Figure 12-2     Import Server Certificate Page)

Thanks for pointing out my blog, +5

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