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Cisco ISE Guest Portal Login using Azure - Open Multiple Tabs


Hi Team,


Just want to ask a question.

we've encountered an "issue" with our customer ISE.

Our customer Environment have a WiFi / SSID connected with ISE 3.1 and for the guest to login, it integrate with Azure-SSO (using SAML) and used the credential on the Azure-AD.


When our customer client connect to WiFi/SSID, it's automatically open a web browser to open a portal with AzureSSO login, but on this issue it's open multiple tabs (many tabs), and before the client click connect, it open multiple tabs again.

This happen to some client (not all of the client), and they're using OS Windows 10/11.

My question,

What causing this? is this caused by ISE ?


ISE Version : 3.1 Patch 3 Appliance

WLC : Cisco 5520 8.10.171

Client affected : Windows 10 / 11

Best Regards.

*also i attached the video on laptop clients (windows 10) when the issue is happening

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It is difficult to determine the root cause of the issue without further investigation, but it's highly possible that the problem may not be directly related to Cisco ISE.


It's possible that the issue could be caused by the client's web browser, network configuration, or the Azure-SSO setup.

One possibility is that the web browser has some settings that are causing it to open multiple tabs. 

Another possibility is that there may be some issues with the client's network configuration or DNS resolution, causing multiple requests to be sent to the Azure-SSO portal.


To troubleshoot this issue, you can try the following steps:


  1. Check the client's web browser settings and disable any extensions or add-ons that may be causing multiple tabs to open.
  2. Check the network configuration on the client's computer, including the DNS settings, to ensure that they are correct.
  3. Check the Azure-SSO setup and make sure that it is configured correctly, and that there are no issues with the SAML authentication process.
  4. Check the ISE logs to see if there are any errors or issues that may be related to this problem.
  5. Check if there are other differences between computers where this issue occurs and those where it does not.


If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you can contact the technical support team for ISE or Azure-SSO to help you troubleshoot the problem and for further assistance.


Best Regards



Thanks for the feedback.

Our client is using standard web (usually using firefox as default browser)

for the configuration on ISE, there's no change in ISE or in Azure-SSO.

and this is happen in some of the client (not all of them).

the interesting is, when we try to install Patch 5 on ISE 3.1,

the issue that cause web browser repeatedly open new tab, it not happening agaain,
BUT it caused another problem : The Client Unable to connect to WLAN that use Azure-SSO / portal not opening,

we try to rollback to ISE 3.1 Patch 3, the issue can Connect to WLAN that use Azure-SSO 
*i think there's another feature on ISE 3.1 Patch 5 that causing this but i'm not find what feature is

Nancy Saini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I would suggest taking a packet capture on client. This seems to be client side issue. Are you facing this issue with all clients? Also, have you tried other web browser?


this is only affected some client/randomly happened,

Already try other browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome), still the same

What do you see in the packet capture taken from client? You may try updating your wireless drivers.

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