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cisco ISE usage quotas


Hi All,

I need to know if usage quotas are supported on cisco ISE, after doing some researches I found that it was supported on ACS 4.x and remoced from ACS 5.x. In bried, we need to be able to assign and track volume and time based quotas for users accessing either via switches, WLC or remotely


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Eduardo Aliaga

Afaik there's no quota, but I think you could use a little trick (and I remark I'm guessing a little here)

You can configure ACcess Settings > Max Session  User Settings

And then you can configre System Administration > Max User Session Global Settings > Max User Session Timeout

Max User Session Timeout Settings

Unlimited Session Timeout

No timeout.

Max User Session Timeout

Once the session timeout is reached, ACS sends a fake STOP  packet to close the respective session and update the session count.

Note The user is not  enforced to logout in the device.

So I guess if you want a "quota" of 3 hours you can configure "max user session timeout" of 1 hour and set "Max session user setting" of 3.

But if you logout I guess the "quota" reverts to zero, so there's no "acummulative quota". I repeat I'm guessing here, sadly I don't have time right now to test it.

Kind regards

Thank You and is there a way to see it by volume usage through accounting?

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