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Cisco NAC Agent and Windows 8 still not working

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Hello. I recently upgraded the Cisco NAC Agent to the latest version ( on a Windows 8 VM. The release notes state that Windows 8 support has been added, and that a patch must be downloaded. However, the information about the patch is vague. I'm not sure if it's a client or server-side patch, or perhaps if I already have it as a result of upgrading to the latest version.

I ask this because I plan to upgrade some computers to Windows 8, and have noticed that Cisco NAC Agent can't handshake with the NAC server on Windows 8 (both native and VM), and despite upgrading to the latest version, the handshake is still unsuccessful.



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Hi Collin,

The 4.9.1 Patch for Windows 8 Support can be downloaded from the following link :

The patch should be applied to both 4.9.1 CAM and CAS.

Please go through the README file for patch provided in the download link provided above. It has detailed information.


Karthik Chandran

Hello Karthik,

I recently upgrade my PC to WIndows 8 and am unable to connect (error- unrecognized device) using NAC Agent. I created an account but I am unable to download the patch because I do not have a service contract. Is there an alternative place I can download the patch? I assume that if I head to my campus' tech support center, they would have a service contract, but unfortunately, I sometimes doubt their competence.


Peter Portanova

Hello Peter,

As informed by Karthik, that the following link could be used to download the patch.

In order to download it, you need to create an account on the Cisco Website. Once created, using your credentials you should be able to download it.

If still facing issues, feel free to contact.

I've applied the patch and verified but still can't get online.  I tried to modify the weblogin feature to see if it will see it as windows 8 but still not profiling correctly.  Have you seen this issue before?

Hi All,


Currently we are using ISE 1.4 with dot1x (machine & user authentication) and posturing.

We are using Cisco NAC agent for all windows machines.


This works all well with windows 7 after authentication nac agent pops up properly and checks for the posture. But in windows 10 machine its stucking in machine authentication only it’s not going forward for Posture check and NAC agent not popping for the same.

 Can anyone face this issue with Windows 10 machine?

Thanks in advance



We've moved away from Cisco NAC. Thanks

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It is possible to get the NAC agent to work on Windows 8 by telling it to run in compatiability mode. I tested it with Cisco NAC 4.8 and it seems to be working. I am not sure if it will work with 4.9 but I would think it would. I hope this helps you.



Try the agent.

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你好,能不能给发一个nac agent 4.9,支持win8的安装包,谢谢!

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I found another solution without any patches or server side updates just apply the following steps to the client PC and it will work, my NAC Agent version is

  • After installing the Agent go to “SystemDrive:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Cisco NAC Agent”

          or “SystemDrive:\Program Files\Cisco\Cisco NAC Agent”

  • Locate the file “NACAgentUI.exe” and open the properties
  • Switch to Compatibility Tab and Change The compatibility to “Windows 7” for All Users.
  • Run the agent again



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first you have make sure, the server compatible with win8 and you have configure "if client is win8, then use NAC 4.X.X"

then the NAC client that installed on PC Client must be the same version...