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First Login ACS


What is the default or the username and password (first login) of ACS 4.0 ?


Daniel Laden

For ACS, there is no default account for the GUI.

If ACS for windows, you will need to access it locally and create an admin account.

Summary of Configuration Steps

Step 3 Configure Additional Administrators.

-When you install the Windows version of ACS, there are initially no administrative users. When you install Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine (ACS SE), there is initially one administrator.

If ACS Appliance, you will need to access it via the console. Typically when the console is installed, one is prompted to create an admin account.

Configuring ACS SE

•Administrator name and password.

... I can not authenticate ... I install the Cisco ACS version 4.2. And the installation and was successful but when I start the GUI Administration I enter the Windows Account (Administrator) but I dont cant authenticate ...

from the machine you installed it on, you should have a shortcut on your desktop or go to "programs, CiscoSecure ACS v4.2" use the "ACS Admin" web interface to login and it shouldnt ask for any username. once you login, go to administration control to create administrator account.


Logging In

Administrators must have a Windows domain administrator account in order to log in and manage ACS services. However, Windows domain administrators cannot log in to ACS. Only administrators with valid ACS accounts can log in to ACS. For information, see the Installation Guide for Cisco Secure ACS for Windows Release 4.2 or the Installation Guide for Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine Release 4.2.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Accounts

I have performed the following step:

I installed the Windows 2003 Server.

I logged with the Administrator account.

I Installed the ACS version 4.2 in the server (logged as Administrator)

And then, I restarted the server.

From another worstation of my LAN, I opened a web browser with the web address: http://ipaddressoftheACS:2002, and it shows the GUI of the ACS, with the login textbox and I enter the username: Adminstrator (Windows) and the password of the Administrator account in the password box. And login failed.

This procedure is correct ?

Or I should do this:

In the ACS server go to ACS shortcuts, and enter the following information:

Username: Administrator

Password: passwordoftheadministratoraccount


I have solved the problem.

Thanks !!!!

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