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Santosh Shetty

How to update License on ACS 5.1

I want to register Secondary ACS with Primary instance, but its show up following error 

"This System Failure occured: server cannot be adde to the deploymnet. Server has sam License ID as server PrimaryACS that already exist in the deployment. Your changes have not been saved.Click OK to return to the list page."

I would like to know how i can update the license on secondary acs,  as it is being used in production envionment"      

Rising star

I assume you are refering to a base license (and not an evaluation one)

Base license cannot be updated directly. However, can achive using the following steps:

- reset configuration of the secondary ACS using the CLI  "application reset-config acs"

- wait until command completes and all processes successfully restart

At this point this server is like a newly installed server. When you loginto the GUI  for the first time you wil be prompted to enter license information

Note, the step of clearing the configuration is not as drastic as it sounds. In any case when the secondary server joins the deployment its configuration will get overwritten with the configuration taken from the primary. You may need to enter the server certificate after the reset configuration is performed

Yes its the base license, and server is located at remote place, I assuem that network setting of ACS will not change.I have a license file with me. But How can i get the server certificate?

What certificate are you using for the server? Who installed it?

server was installed long back and was configured as distributed system, but recetly i had to update the patch so deregister it from primary acs. I was able to update and register other server back but only one serve is creating the problem

Cisco Employee

The secondary is not being registered to the primary cause you are using the same license for both servers.

You need to have unique license for each server in ACS deployment of primary and other secondaries.

So you need to have new one for the secondary.


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