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ISE 2.7: ISE node (on VMware) took very long for a reload.


Hello everybody,


I had to change the DNS-Servers on the two ISE 2.7 of our customer.


I did this on the CLI and got the information that a reload is necesary

that the change have effect.


I reloaded the second ISE node and the node was accessible after approx. 3 minutes again.


Then I reloaded the first ISE node and I could not access the node anymore then. After

a long time I could access it again the monitoring reported an outage of 28 minutes!

The customer wants to know the reason for this long outage.

I found the possibility for a 'Health Checks' under 'Administration' in the GUI (see screen dump).


My questions:


1. Does it make sense to find out more about the reason for the long outage and can I

    let run this during normal office hours or does it pull down the ISE perfomance?

2. Is there any other I can do to find out more about the reason for the long outage?

Thanks a lot for every hint!



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 - Did you run the Health Checks in  the end ? What was the outcome ? Also after boot check show logging system ade/ADE.log  (through the CLI)

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Hi marce1000,


I want to let run the Health Checks when I know this will not disturb customers business. This is a medical laboratory and they work around the clock ...


Does the Health Checks has usually remarakable influence to the performacne of the ISE?

Thanks a lot!